Sunday, March 09, 2008

Conservation or 'Conversation?'

Dr. Mubariq Ahmad CEO WWF Indonesia (midle)

Salimah, a Muslim women organization for Islamic preaching (Da’wah) invited me to attend their gathering at Asrama Haji Pondok Gede, Jakarta (March 8th ). This Muslim Women organization lively force from the economic, capacity building, da’wah to disaster relief and -- having a significant grass root supporters ---enthusiastic to understand about conservation and environment.

Being honest, actually I replaced Dr. Hendri Bastaman (Assistant to the Ministry of Environment) who cannot attend the meeting. The organization claimed nation wide members and advocating of Muslim (women activism) instead other women organization: Muslimat NU –affiliated with NU and Aisiyyah wich is associated to Muhammadiyah.

The perfect presentation nowadays a systematic methodology to explain Islamic perfective to nature is a simple presentation produced by IFEES: Qur’an, Creation and Conservation (authored by Fazlun Khalid); the module available in Bahasa Indonesia and that translated by Conservation and Religion Program Conservation International Indonesia.

Conservation is not a popular terminology. It proven that in some where people have wrongly spelt it to ‘conversation’. I find the similar ‘guess’ to my bank statement too. That is why conservationist have to work hard to spread the facts of conservation not to become only a ‘conversation’, not doing anything like No Action but Talk Only (NATO). I find this action implemented in today’s dialogue at the students of Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Madinatul Ilmi (STAIMI), Depok who has a positive movement, they plant 1000 trees and they would like to understand what Islamic Perfective to the Nature by discussing my new book: Menanam Sebelum Kiamat: Islam Ekologi dan Gerakan Lingkungan.

Book Discussion: Menanam Sebelum Kiamat

At least the fundamental spirit of the eagerness nurturing the earth would be much more encouraged if they understand the knowledge which is much more involved by their ‘heart’ and believe. About 60 students attended the discussion they are enthusiastic to learn as well taking actions and care a contribution to save the earth from global warming.