Thursday, October 23, 2008

Presentation at CASAW University of Edinburgh

To me its a previlage to deliver a presentation about Islam and Environmental movement in Indonesia at the Centre of Advance Study for Arab World or Al Markaz al Dirasah Al Mukadamiyah li Alam al Arabiy (CASAW) at the University of Edinburgh. Even thoungh quite few people coming (around only 10) but proudly the study was thanks me regarding they are hosting for the first time on this kind of topic.

There must be a conciousness of Indonesia, because the country is very important in term of the largest population of embranched muslim in the world as well as there a growing attention to the environmental problems in the country. I believe , there is rather an un explored dicipline to understand Islamic Ethic for the environment, as it being undestood by many Islamic schoolars at the academic levels. But unfortunately, environment need a real praxis actions in the field, theory is not enough of course in respond the current exacerbated situation of greedy behaviour of capitalism economy.

What I am doing in partnering with ulama' in Indonesia, being honest, is only a first start and suppose to be a scaling up to this new invention of approach for the environment. I believe one time, there will be a 'change' if there are, collective conciousness about the Islamic teaching in environment and the growth spiritual intention that as human being, a Muslim not only bestowed by the wise environmental Islamic teaching, but also their piety will growingly if Muslim understand that whole creation is praise to GOD!